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西洋珍愛情歌. CD1 [錄音資料]

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1. I Will Follow Him / Little Peggy March 我將追隨他;2. A Dear John Letter / Skeeter Davis 給約翰的一封信;3. The End Of The World / Skeeter Davis 世界末日;4. Tennessee Waltz / Patti Page 田納西華爾滋;5. Summer Kisses Winter Tears / Elvis Presley 多少柔情多少淚;6. Sealed With Kiss / Bobby Vinton 以吻封緘;7. If You Love Me / Brendalee 假如你愛我;8. Rhythm Of The Rain / The Cascades 雨的旋律;9. River Of No Return / Tennesse Ering Ford 大江東去;10. The Wedding / Julie Rogers 婚禮的祝福;11. A Guy Is Guy / Doris Day 誰要你理睬;12. The Twelfth Never / The Osmonds 天長地久;13. Tell Laura I Love Her / Ray Peterson 告訴蘿拉我愛她;14. The House Of Rising Sun / The Animals 日昇之屋;15. As Tears Go By / Marjanne Faithfulls 春夢淚痕;16. All Kind Of Everything / Dona 一切都美好;17. Kiss Me Goodbye / Petula Clark 吻別;18. Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye / Khthy Kiden 吉米再見;19. Crying In The Rain / The Everly Brothers 雨中哭泣;20. I Understand / Herman Hermits 我了解;21. Chotto Matte Kudasai / The Sandppers 請等一下;22. Dear Heart / Andy Williams心上人
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