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西洋珍愛情歌. CD6 [錄音資料]

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1. Unchained Melody / The Righteous Brothers 奔放的旋律(第六感生死戀);2. Oh! Pretty Woman / Ray Orbison 美麗女子(麻雀變鳳凰);3. My Way / Franik Sinatra 我的方式 (奪標);4. New York New York / Frank Sinatra 紐約紐約;5. Sunrise Sunset / Roger Whittaker 日出,日落(屋頂上的提琴手);6. Goldfinger / Shirley Bassey 金手指(007金手指);7. River Kwaimarch / Toni Russls Orchestra 桂河大橋進行曲(配樂);8. Standy By Me / Ben E. King 站在我身邊;9. Three Coins In The Fountain / Andy Williams 許願噴泉(羅馬之戀);10. Born Free / Andy Williams 生而自由(獅子與我);11. Fascination / Jane Morgan 意亂情迷(黃昏之戀);12. When A Man Loves A Woman / Percy Sledge 當男人愛上女人;13. Dream A Little Dream Of Me / The Mamas & Papas 做個小小的夢(情定巴黎);14. The Magnificent Seven / Toni Russels Orchestra 豪勇七蛟龍(配樂);15. Somewhere My Love / Mike Sammes Singers 情歸何處(齊瓦哥醫生);16. Over The Rainbow / Judy Garland 彩虹深處(綠野仙蹤);17. Valley Of Dolls / Dionne Warwick 娃娃谷(娃娃谷);18. The Shadow Of Your Smile / Andy Williams 微笑的影子(春風無限恨);19. The Yellow Rose Of Texas / Match Miller 德州黃玫瑰;20. Mr. Custer / Larry Verne 卡斯特先生;21. Hell Have To Go / Jim Reeves 他將離去;22. Don’t Worry / Marty Robbins 別擔心;23. A World Without Love / Peter &Gordon 無情的世界;24. Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me / Mac Davis 勿陷情網;25. April Love / Pat Boone四月的愛情
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