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男聲合唱的魅力 [錄音資料 ] / 台北男聲合唱團製作

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1. Im gegenwaertigen Vergangenes2.Die Nachtigall 3.Grab und Mond 4.Staendchen 5.Song of Peace 6.Cantate Domino 7. Lamento Della Ninfa 8.Kvaalins Halling 9.Movins on 10.Were You There? 11. Gentle Annie 12.Ring de Banjo 13.Stodole Pumpa 14.Laylay Agulaylay  15.Something Told the Wild Geese 16.Vincent ( Starry Starry Night ) 17.I Got Plenty O Nuttin 18.In the Still of the Nite 19.夜來香 20.龜笑鱉無尾

 Laylay Agulaylay15. S 16.Vincent ( Starry Starry Nig17.I Got Plenty O Nuttin 18.In the Still of the Nite 19.夜來香 20.龜笑鱉無尾
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