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最近的天堂 The nearest heaven = 福山植物園自然音樂專輯 = Natural music album of Fu-Shan Botanical Garden /

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1,CDI:音樂叢林(A jungle of music):1,序曲-霧(Overture-The mist(Mistry version);2逗嘴(Mock arguments);3,最近的天堂(The nearest heaven);4,群蛙(Frogs);5,牧神的夜宴(A night banquet with Pan);6,抗議(A protest);7,相遇(桃花源記)(An encounter (Memorty of Shangri-la));8,畫眉(Winged songs);9,野性的呼喚(The calling of the wild);10,炎夏(The hot summer);11,穿過雨林的風(The wind through the rainforests);12,競鳴(Competing in chirpign);13,伏流(The hahpen creck);14,築巢(Building nests);15,終曲-霧(動物謝幕版)(Final)-The mist (Animal's ending show version)__CDII:生態現場(Eco-field):1,雨林印像(Impressions of the Rainforests);2,報春(Reporting the arrival of spring);3,晨曦霧影(Shadow of Mist in twilight);4,議論(Discussions);5,對峙(Confrontations);6,池畔(By the pond);7,叫陣(Challenging the opposite camp);8,猴臉歲月(Years with monkey faces);9,婉轉(In smooth and grace);10,午后(In the afternoon);11,雨舞(The dancing rain);12,合唱(The chorus);13,聒噪(Noises);14,黑色吟唱(Songs of the dardk);15,擁擠(Congestion);16,發現水窪(Discovering the backwater);17,山居(Living in the mountains);18,領域(The field);19,蜿蜒(The meanderings);20,閑情(A peaceful mood)
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